Hat Etiquette for Weddings

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If you’ve been invited to a wedding, then you know the excitement of trying to figure out what to wear and how to wear it on the big day. You could almost be as excited as the bride and groom. If you love hats, then weddings are the perfect place to show off the elegance you can evoke. However, you should keep some things in mind when choosing hats for a wedding with your friends and loved ones.

Pay Attention to the Dress Code

Every event has a dress code, including weddings. It is important that you make sure you pay close attention to the dress code, choosing colors for your hats that complement the overall theme. Some wedding invitations will have the colors that you are permitted to wear on them, so be sure to scan your invitation carefully and look for anything you should note before getting ready to go to the event. Try to find colors that do not clash with the color of the outfit you will be wearing, as it may cause some disruptions in your look.

Find a Hat That Suits Your Style

You should always wear your clothes instead of letting them wear you, and this applies to hats as well. Whatever style you choose to bless the wedding with, it is important that you feel confident in your appearance and what you’re wearing. Choose a hat that looks good with your general height as well as your shape. Taller individuals should avoid wearing tall hats and instead opt for hats with wider brims. If the hat is too large, it could cause you to look less appealing.

Don’t Overshadow the MOTB

It is common etiquette that the mother of the groom should never wear a larger hat than the bride’s mother. It stems from the general rule that guests should never outshine the host of an event – even if the individual is not directly hosting the event, as is the case with weddings. If the bride and groom are both hosting your beautiful wedding, then the parents can wear whatever hat they like no matter how large it is.

The next wedding at the manor house wedding venue will be a blast – especially if you get to rock your favorite new hat. Be sure to watch for dress code rules, feel confident in your look, and try not to be flashier than the hosts.

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