Poppin’ Off


It’s officially my first post of the year – and it’s definitely not gone off with a bang, or with a bunch of new year’s resolutions like you’d expect. I actually was unlucky enough to catch the Australian Flu so i’ve finally recovered after three weeks of what felt like hell! Welcome me back, world! While i’m not one to set myself new year’s resolutions, I do think the new year is the best time to reflect – it’s basically the time of year you think ‘oh gosh’ and realise you don’t want to spend another year stuffing your face with McDonald’s and doing the stupid stuff that ruined your life last year. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

Last year was literally the year that I decided to let myself go – and to be fair, I kinda needed it. Let’s call it ‘character building’ to avoid embarrassment. I learned that who cares about getting dressed up and putting make up on when you’re going back to bed as soon as you get home from work anyway… Or what’s the point in forcing yourself to not have any chocolate when you know you’re going to crave it for a few days and then have a huge binge? Valuable life lessons, i’d say? This year, being 25 – there are definitely goals that I want to achieve. I’m now at that age when I realise i’m closer to 30 than I am to 20, and that I actually need to get my arse in gear before I’m still Netflix-and-chilling alone with a Dominos and a bottle of wine in five years time. So… here’s five things I want to achieve this year:

  1. Lose weight
    This one is such a biggie for me this year. It’s my actual personal life priority. Unfortunately, hitting your mid-twenties means your body doesn’t respond to junk food the way it used to, and now’s my time to wean myself off my terrible additions. Goodbye Maccy’s, hello lettuce.
  2. When you’ve lost weight, start wearing your nice clothes
    I’ve literally become one of those people that buys clothes to disguise myself. I never wear any of my cute clothes anymore, and am constantly opting for the biggest, baggiest jumper I can find so no one can see my body. Gal needs some confidence back to get my sass game on again! First up, for this summer, my lust-obsession, new Oliver Peoples sunglasses.
  3. Get a focus on blogging again
    I abandoned TFW a lot in 2017, which was really sad after five years of regularly posting and creating content. I still love sharing my random ponderings with you guys – and this year, I’m making it my mission to make more time for it again.
  4. Realize who your friends are
    It’s crazy that even in your adult life your friendship circle constantly changes. I remember looking at my mum and dad and thinking wow, they’ve literally had their friends forever! I even remember being told your uni friends will be your friends for life, which I really hoped was true. But unfortunately, some things fade away after a while and you never hear from people again. Sad, but it’s true! I wanna have people around me who want to be there and make my life a fun one.
  5. Do the things that make you happy
    One of my biggest flaws (or pros – depends how you see it), is that I care too much about other people – what they want, what they need, what they think of me. I’m constantly paranoid that people hate me or that they’re being funny with me, or that I’m disappointing them and I try so hard to please as many people as I can. Unfortunately for my annoying trait, I’m only human and not everyone is going to like me or be happy with me at all times – and I can’t give the world and leave myself with nothing. This year, I want to do things that make me happy too – like travel, take a day for myself, treat myself to a Chanel bag… You know, the standard daily things, right?

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