What Do Shaper Shorts Do?


One of the more popular shapewear styles is the shaper shorts. The reason is because a pair of shaper shorts can be worn as an every day foundation and yet remain invisible underneath the clothes.

What is a shaper short?

A shaper shorts is a comfortable shapewear that looks like a bicycle short and is worn to flatter, slim and smooth the body from underneath your outfits. These cool shapewear pieces help to maintain a slim waist and thighs, as well as offering tummy control.

Benefits of shaper shorts

Shaping shorts offer many benefits such as coverage all the ways to the knee which is a good thing if you are conscious when wearing a short dress. It is also seamless so you do not have to worry about having visible panty lines. Shaper shorts also offer maximum control on the tummy, hip, waist and back, as well as slimming the thighs. Most shaper shorts styles are high waisted so they are ideal for eliminating the muffin tops or love handles. Some of these shaping garments are designed to enhance the derriere too so you can give your butt a lift.

No matter if you are new to wearing this garment or you just want to give your wardrobe a refresh, it is important that you know how they work. You must keep in mind that shaper shorts are not miracle garments that will change your body or reduce your weight. What they do is that they will enhance your body, make you look slimmer, create curves and bring all the problem areas under control.

How To Wear A Shaper Short

Getting the perfect fit is the most important thing for picking the perfect shaper short. It will be great if you know your body shape so that you can choose the right pair.

Round figure – If you have a round figure, your biggest aim when wearing a pair of shaping short is to slim your waistline.  A pair of high waisted short will be able to create more curves and enhance your silhouette.

Straight figure – For straight figure, you would need to focus on defining the waist and creating curves. A pair of butt lifter short will be able to create the curves in all the right places.

Curvy figure – If you belong to this category, then you may want to focus more on smoothening your body. A regular high waisted shaper short will be able to do just that.

Body Shaping Shorts You Need In Your Closet Now

In order to make your life easier, check out the body shaping shorts that are must-haves in every closet.

Seamless High Waist Panty Compression Shorts

If you have problems like muffin tops, this high waisted panty compression short will get you a flatter tummy and no love handles. It is made with seamless one-piece molding technology on the abdomen and hip areas. Besides offering firm control throughout the midsection, it covers and lift the whole derriere to make it full and round. We bet you can’t wait to show off your waistline and the derriere.

High Waist Shaper Shorts With Front Hooks

This high waist shaper shorts offer targeted tummy compression with hook closure. It is also easy to wear and take off. The high waisted design tightens the belly and hips and it also lift the hips naturally to give the S curve. This plus size body shaper has anti-slip lace leg hemline to prevent rolling down.

Shaper Shorts With Butt Lifter

One of the best shapewear for women, this pair of shaper shorts will make you feel supported instantly. Designed to effortlessly tuck in the tummy and slim the thighs, it can aid in defining and lifting the rear while keeping the waist contoured. Featuring a front zipper, the firmness and tightness of this pair of shaper short will make you feel perfect.

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