Why makes woodland the most durable shoe brand?

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The Woodland shoes have become the perfect companion for all those who associate their lives with adventure and fun. An Indian shoe brand, established in 1992, has successfully escalated to the top of the priority lists of the people, especially the youngsters by virtue of its best in class products that go well exceptionally with different lifestyles. Woodland conquered the casual shoes market using its boots and yes it has the same old designs with improved strength on the shop shelves. Woodland shoes are among the best selling shoe models from the shop shelves and on the e-commerce sites as well. To get a pair of your Woodland shoes and turn on the adventure instinct within you, Click Here.

Impeccable features of Woodland shoes

The Woodland shoes have been known for their high quality performance and durability. Probably, a pair of Woodland shoes would last no lesser than 5 to 6 years even when subjected to heavy use. May it be in rugged terrains, in trekking tracks, or on mountains, the Woodland shoes would make you feel like a boss. Woodland also promotes adventure and sports through its products.

The brand ambassador of Woodland shoes is MalaikaVaz who is a national-level windsurfer, a renowned scuba diver, a horse rider and a soccer player as well. She, being the main face behind the Woodland brand does her bit by promoting the products in the best possible way. She also shares her experience with the company and this in turn helps Woodland to come up with better products. What else can be better than a youth fitness and adventure icon being the brand ambassador of the company which manufactures shoes meant for adventure? Nothing possibly. She recommends the use of Woodland shoes on adventure trips and sports and also shares her personal experience with the shoes.

Serves the purpose

Several national level hikers, trekkers, adventure sport lovers, mountaineers have chosen Woodland shoes as their official gear for their adventure trips. This is enough to testify how great the shoes are and how well they serve up to the purpose. Woodland which was introduced as an adventure brand into the market, has definitely created a benchmark. Apart from the shoes meant for adventure, Woodland also manufactures Moccasins, casual shoes, lifestyle shoes, camel coloured shoes, maroon belly shoes and some more. The designs are ecstatic and revamp the style quotient of people wearing them.

High in Quality and Eco friendly

Woodland makes sure that none of its products or the process of manufacturing the products hamper the environment in any sort of way. Woodland is known for its commitment towards producing eco-friendly products and promotes the cause of a green planet. In fact, Woodland has also launched a campaign called as Woodland ProPlanet which ensures that environment friendly shoes are manufactured. Even though the products are eco-friendly, the shoes easily last for 5-6 years under heavy usage. Some reviews even suggest that the shoes last for a decade, of course if the feet does not grow any longer. The shoes meant for adventure purposes are designed to withstand all weather conditions when given the necessary care. The first model of Woodland which is the G-0092 has been the most popular model till date.

Woodland shoes are available to the customers at the retail stores, brand outlets and online. The prices of the shoes are decent and justified. The customers can also get great discounts on the Woodland shoes when they buy them online. However, the customers should always ensure that the dealer they are buying the shoes from is a trusted one and provides genuine and authenticated Woodland products only. Grab a pair of Woodland shoes and flaunt the adventure quotient within you.

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