What are the types of underwear and materials often used?

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It is easier to buy men’s underwear online because you only have to do a few clicks. It can confuse you sometimes because of the different available choices. But for every user, they have their options of the best underwear. Others like to wear briefs and boxers, and some men prefer to wear men’s g strings to make them comfortable. They mostly prefer the type of materials used in the underwear compared to the style.


Men prefer to wear boxers because it is comfortable and spacious to wear. They mostly wear it at home and the beach. Wearing it during physical activities can be uncomfortable as it has a lot of movement. Most women like men to wear boxers because it is simple to watch. A good advantage of using boxers is it lets in the air. When you try to use boxers under slim jeans or a suit, it shows a wrinkle effect that can look weird.


It is different from boxers. Briefs are tight in fit and give your genitals an ideal support system for when you’re going out. You can consider wearing this when you know that you have thick thighs. Brief styles and colors are the same as boxers.

Boxer brief

It is a combination of boxers and briefs which make you comfortable wearing one. It has a high waistline which can be ideal for taller men.


Trunks are used whenever you want to do physical activities. It is smaller than boxer briefs, and the material used was stretchable. It is to show your muscles, and you can move. And because it is flexible, tight, and more petite, it is perfect for those with larger thighs.

Types of materials used for underwear


There is underwear that uses cotton as its material. It gives you comfort since cotton is their main material, but it is hard to dry it off. It is also why other brands are adding 10% spandex to make it flexible.


Modal is a known material used in underwear. It is a type of recycled fiber which is durable and soft to touch. Most manufacturers use this type of material in underwear because of its moisture absorption. It is also why other underwear is made of cotton and has a mix of modal fabric.

Bamboo fiber

It is a natural material that has antibacterial and deodorant forms. They often use it in underwear because it gives a solid and reasonable moisture level. Since you know the different options for buying the right underwear, it will still depend on what kind of material and type of underwear you want to use. You’re the one who is deciding what underwear you’re going to wear.

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