How to Pull Off the Most Iconic Mens Fashion Overalls

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We’ve come a long way since the first mens fashion overalls launched in the U.S. Also known as dungarees, these full-body, one-piece denim bottoms were originally created for America’s working class. Their loose-fitting silhouette made them practical for factory workers, farmers, miners, mechanics and soldiers. Today, only the most in-the-know trendsetters are wearing overalls. Hence, the phrase “mens fashion overalls” was born.

The latest styles of overalls range in fabric, fit and color that’ll boost any guy’s everyday wardrobe. Since they’re so fashion forward now, not everyone is comfortable with styling these trendy men’s pants. You can actually find all the latest overall styles on Differio, a stylish men’s clothing website with a ton of different looks. This online men’s streetwear store sells clothing that’s fashionable enough for the runway, but casual enough for shopping at the mall. As long as you know which pieces to choose and stay away from, you’ll be rocking the most iconic fashion overalls for men on the daily.

  1. Mens Denim Overalls

It’s doesn’t get more iconic than a pair of true blue, down-to-earth denim overalls. These fashion overalls for men are now available in dyed washes and distressed accents, just like regular jeans. So, what’s the trick to styling these all-American bottoms amplified with streetwear details?

What top to wear: If you’re wearing busy overalls with rips, embroidery or patches, then you’ll want to keep your top simple. You should go for t-shirts in neutral colors, like white, black and grey. However, if you’re wearing black or white fashion overalls, then avoid wearing them with the same colored t-shirt. Overalls actually look great with a monochromatic outfit, but it does take a little practice to master.

What shoes to wear: Any pair of trendy mens overalls isn’t complete without the right kicks. Denim is super versatile, so you can pair them with fashion sneakers, combat boots, ankle boots or slip-on loafers. It’s best to avoid anything overtly fancy that you’d normally wear with special-occasion attire, like wingtip oxfords and leather loafers.

  1. Mens Skinny Overalls

Skinny overalls for men are one of the trendiest one pieces designed for men that prefer a tighter fit than average. If you’re a guy that appreciates edgy clothing, you’ll definitely develop a newfound love for these skinny-fit pants. The only downside to these skinny-fit mens fashion overalls is that they can look ill fitting if they’re not styled right, especially if you’re not the stereotypical “slim” man. We know not every guy has skinny legs, so we’ve also provided ways that bulkier guys can play around with this fit.

What top to wear: Choosing a shirt to wear with skinny overalls is more about finding the right fit over color and style. If you’re a guy with larger legs, you’ll want to stick with regular to loose-fit t-shirts and tank tops. By matching your ankle-hugging overalls with a looser top, you’ll have an overall balanced look. On the other hand, if you’re on the slimmer side, you can get away with wearing body-fit to muscle-fit tops.

What shoes to wear: Since skinny mens fashion overalls are already tight around the ankles, you can get away with wearing high-top sneakers and knee-high boots. Not only will your pants actually fit into your shoes without bunching up, but their high length will also highlight the skinny fit.

  1. Mens Jogger Overalls

Jogger-fit mens fashion overalls are one of the most recent styles that are going down in fashion history. Every trendy guy that’s into the athleisure/streewear trend probably keeps at least a couple jogger overalls in his wardrobe rotation. They’re a cool combination of urban streetwear and relaxed activewear. Since they’re designed with fitted ankles, they’re most likely available in jersey or terry cotton over the classic denim fabric.

What top to wear: You’ll want to focus on style for this one. Jogger fashion overalls for men already have the athletic look, so you’ll want to go for sportier t-shirts and tank tops. Workout tanks and tees with graphics are also a cool way to complement these gym-meets-streetwear vibes.

What shoes to wear: Overalls joggers are designed with that sporty feel, so keep the athletic look going with any style of sneakers. With its semi-tight fit around the ankles, you can pair these mens fashion overalls with both low top and high top sneakers. Unfortunately, you can’t really go shabby chic with jogger overalls because they’re too drastic, so stay away from business casual and formal footwear.

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