How to dress for every event you’ll attend this summer

Fashion Trend

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time to think about dressing for the season.

What do you expect the season to bring in the way of wild social events? Will you attend garden parties, royal weddings, or just your third cousin’s stag night and a weekend in Amsterdam? Whatever it is, you probably need to update your wardrobe.

Warm days at work

Sun and heat are great until you’re trapped on the tube or on the M25 in a 45-degree heatwave with ten minutes before the most important meeting of your working life. It’s then that the right clothes really count.

According to GQ, fashion is loosening up, bringing in wider-legged trousers and slouchy suits. Loose-fitting cool fabrics such as linen or fine cotton look good in shirts, and together with smart chinos should stand you in good stead for hot weather workwear. Avoid shorts unless you know your employer views them positively.

Summer Weddings

Dress codes aren’t what they used to be. There is a good rule to follow, however: be almost as smart as the groom. If you’re still unsure, you should stick to tailoring, with a button-down shirt. Farah shirts are a great option to consider. You can always remove your tie if you feel overdressed.

Backyard Barbecues

This year, the sun will shine. You need to dress for the chilled-out, endless days of summer. Printed shirts are always good, but keep them smart and well-fitted rather than zany. There are plenty out there, so choose the right one. Just in case it does rain, a waterproof option is always a good idea. A lightweight bomber jacket or a blouson works well.

Dress-down Friday to Drinks with Friends

You never know who you might meet while you are out and about, so effortlessly stylish is a good look to aim for. Slim jeans or chinos, worn with a fitted tee such as the slim white version sold by Farah, will take you from the office to the bar, and potentially to a club later.

Of course, there are many other social events you might stumble into, but a carefully planned summer wardrobe will keep you cool and stylish. Think tailored separates, slim-fitting tee shirts, smart chinos and a decent variety of shirts.

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