Fashion Trend on Men’s Raincoats That Will Keep You Looking Good

Fashion Trend

Raincoats have recently become fashionable among young men. Whether you’re looking to stay warm or make a fashion statement, plenty of options are available to help you stand out in any crowd. A stylish raincoat will keep you looking good, no matter the weather! If you plan to attend any spring and summer events, you’ll likely run into the rain during your day. Rather than wait until the last minute and stop at the store to purchase an ill-fitting raincoat, consider investing in one of these fashion trends in men’s raincoats to keep you looking good at all times.

1.   Light Weight Waterproof Fabric Materials

If you’re looking for a raingear for men that won’t weigh you down, choose one made of lightweight waterproof materials. While it won’t offer as much protection from harsh weather conditions, a lighter coat will give you more flexibility when exploring different types of terrain and enable you to remain nimble and agile during outdoor activities. Trending fabrics include;

  • Ripstop fabrics- which are incredibly durable
  • Nylon- which is lightweight but also strong enough to resist tearing
  • Coated fabrics like Gore-Tex or HyVent are breathable yet waterproof

Some manufacturers even combine two or three of these features in their coats for added versatility. Of importance is to find something light enough to wear comfortably on your body but tough sufficient to protect you from bad weather. Also, PU-coated fabric is a good choice as it provides waterproof protection without sacrificing breathability and comfort.

2.   Zipper Button Design

One of the most talked-about fashion trends in men’s raincoats is a button and zipper combination on each of your sleeves. The best thing about these zippers is that they are usually interchangeable, meaning you can match them to either side of your suit. That adds a stylish edge to traditional looks and will ensure you always stand out at formal events!

Plus, it’s an easy way to change up your look day-to-day. For example, wear one sleeve with a basic dress shirt for work, then swap it out for a blazer when you head to happy hour with friends. Just make sure not to overload yourself with too many options, or you might end up looking like you have no idea what you’re doing—which would be worse than looking bad.

3.   Bottom Trim Design

A bottom trim design makes it easier to move around. The last thing you want when you’re out and about is an uncomfortable raincoat that drags on your behind or bunches up at your ankles. Instead, look for a coat with a hem that hits mid-thigh, just above your knees. Not only will it make walking more comfortable, but it will also keep you looking sleek and stylish.

When shopping for a men’s raincoat, don’t be afraid to try something new—remember to check how long it falls depending on your height. For example, if you stand 6 feet tall, choose a length between 6 inches and 8 inches below your waistline. That will give you enough coverage without making you feel like you’re wearing a dress!

4.   Collar Options

If you’re more interested in keeping dry than looking stylish, opt for a simple raincoat with a straight neckline. But if you want to look good while keeping dry, consider a coat with an option collar. The two most popular options are an upturned collar, which creates a casual appearance and provides extra protection from wind and water, or a convertible collar that you can wear down in bad weather or up when trying to keep warm. It all depends on your style preference.

Also, don’t forget to think about where you’ll be wearing your new coat; if it’s just for around a town, an upturned collar will do. But if you plan on traveling or commuting by foot or public transportation, a longer style may better shield you from inclement weather.

5.   Fitting and Color Combinations

As with any product, there are some critical sizing recommendations to keep in mind when purchasing a men’s raincoat. Think about where you’ll be wearing it most often and consider layering options. If you plan on wearing your coat for work, go for one that fits comfortably over a suit jacket. Fitting rainwear over business attire can help prevent wrinkles and keep you looking sharp. But if you plan on wearing your raincoat more casually, look for something that won’t be too bulky or restrictive while still keeping you dry.

When it comes to color combinations, black is always an easy choice; however, other dark colors like navy blue or olive green can also look stylish depending on what else is in your wardrobe. Rainwear fitting has hit the trending list because of its versatility and timelessness. The fitting classic black trench coat is never going out of style and will always be a fashionable option when paired with other pieces from your closet. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it during spring or winter, as long as you wear it right!


A raincoat is an essential piece of a man’s wardrobe. You need a raincoat if you want to stay stylish in inclement weather. If you don’t have one or need an upgrade, keep these trends in mind as you search for your next coat. However, keep closer attention to your comfort and how stylish you want to look when choosing your new raincoat. It’s essential to feel good about what you wear, so make sure that whatever you choose works with your style.

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