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Shopping for your newborns and kids has never been easier. Bubs Warehouse is an online family store that is dedicated to making family shopping safe and seamless. At Bubs we stock almost everything that might be needed to raise your little ones, eliminating the need for hopping from one shop to another. If you need it, we likely have it.

Online shopping has its advantages like avoiding crowds, providing varieties, comfort, access to reviews, and that is exactly what Bubs offers and more. The extensive menu at Bubs gives more options to consumers, allowing them to get everything in one place. Bubs live on the principle of quality newborn and toddler clothes, accessories, and other products at affordable prices. Founded by parents, Bubs Warehouse thrives on the idea of making parenthood easier and not focusing on the competition.

Whether you are looking for baby and toddler clothing, nursery items, toys, feeding accessories, maternity products, travel accessories, safety products, bathing, and changing items, Bubs has you covered. Whether you want these items in stylish, trendy, educational, playful you can find all these at the online store at the click of a button. Here is a look at the various categories of items that are stocked at Bubs:


Having your first baby? And you have no clue what newborn clothes to buy? Buying clothes for your kids? Your little angel has grown up and he/she needs a change of clothes? Great, Bubs is the right place for you. There is so much to pick from in this segment for both baby girls and boys. If you are in search of rompers or jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, sets, swimwear, footwear, or headwear for any genders, make this your first stop. You will not need to look hard, Bubs has all these items in the latest fashions, trends, and styles. Looking around for what to buy won’t be so tasking as well as it is quite easy with Bubs Warehouse user-friendly interface.

Nursery and Kid’s rooms.

Your baby’s room needs more than just a bed to sleep in. There are a lot of nursery accessories that your child needs for healthier development and some that just make it easy for parenthood. The bright coloring on the walls does not just serve the purpose of aesthetics but also important for stimulating your baby’s brain development. There is an array of wall art that you can pick from Bubs.

Sleep is also a major part of a newborn’s life, not any less than food and water. Make their sleep experience as safe as possible with quality furniture. You can immediately see why you need to invest in your babies’ room. At Bubs you will get Bassinets, cots, baby mattresses, pillows, change tables, playmats, baby tables, stools & chairs, rockers & bouncers, Change mats, covers & wallets, kids chairs and recliners, and beddings. Anything you might think you need in your baby’s nursery be sure Bubs has it.


The Bubs warehouse does not disappoint when it comes to toys for kids. You can get a wide variety of the latest toys at the store, both for passing time and educational toys. Bicycles & balance bikes, educational and pretend play toys, outdoor toys and the list would not be complete without, ride-on toys and kids’ electric cars. Get these and more for all ages and gender. The toys come in different materials of plastic, wooden, or soft fury for the newborns, just to mention a few.

Out & About

There is nothing family time – and especially when it involves outdoors. But this could turn hectic when you have to move around with your newborn or kids. That’s why Bubs offers you the latest in technology meant to cover when going out with the babies or your kids. The list includes gadgets that incorporate safety into movement and ease of transporting the little ones. Get your the following and more to help you move around:

  • Baby carriers
  • Kids Bags
  • Nappy and baby bags
  • Pram liners and covers
  • Prams and strollers
  • Baby and kids car seats
  • Baby slings and wraps

Bath and Changing

Taking care of your child’s hygiene and primary needs may not be easy if you lack the necessary equipment. The items in this category also serve in helping your child grow and get incorporated into the normal living of independence. Have a look at this shortlist of a few of the things you can purchase:

  • Baby Potties
  • Bathers
  • Baby Bathtubs
  • Highchairs (for feeding) and Change mat covers
  • Baby bath mattresses
  • Educational Bath toys
  • Baby bath showers


Bubs warehouse not only covers your little angel after delivery but also will help you during the pregnancy stage. Get maternity clothing from Bubs that helps you keep in style even with the ever-growing baby bun. Maternity clothes help with blood circulation and keeping swelling in check. A plus is that they are quite comfortable. The nursing mum is also covered with nursing dresses and accessories for those who are breastfeeding.

  • Maternity clothes
  • Nursing Dresses
  • Maternity tops
  • Maternity leggings and skirts
  • Pregnancy cradles and belts
  • Nursing bras and briefs


Feeding can be quite fun, spending time playing with your young one. It could be a time to teach them some grammar too or pictures of things. Here are some accessories that could help with feeding the little ones:

  • Breast pumps
  • Formulas
  • Highchairs
  • Nursing pillow and covers
  • Feeding bottles
  • Burp cloths and bibs
  • Baby spoons and utensils


Baby and Kids Safety

Bubs also stock a great range of gadgets that help with the safety of your newborns and toddlers at home and when outdoors. The safety of your child comes first and that’s why this store couldn’t miss the items that meet such a basic need as safety. Here are some of the gadgets and items that you could get from Bubs to help look after the safety of the little ones at home:

Baby humidifiers and diffusers

  • Baby monitors
  • Gates and playpens
  • Bed rails and corner guards

There is more to Bubs than just being an awesome family online shop with a seriously vast menu of anything a mum would need. Bubs also boast of providing competitive warehouse prices to their esteemed customers. In addition to these, the baby store has also partnered with Afterpay, Huum, and Latitude Pay, making it possible for customers to make purchases and pay later. What makes these payment alternatives quite interesting is that they are completely interest-free.

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