10 Prescription Glasses for Under a $30

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Are you a prescription glasses wearer? If so, you’ll know that the cost of glasses can really add up if you’re looking for both high quality and a stylish design, plus the need to update your prescription normally every two years! If you’re tired of paying exorbitant prices but still want to look great, getting your prescription glasses online could be the solution!

When you buy prescription glasses online you can choose from a wider range of frames and lenses that fit both your budget and your unique fashion sense. Online retailers often have deals on designer eyewear, such as SmartBuy Collection’s new range of cheap prescription glasses from just $7 for frame and lens!

Check out these ten prescription glasses for under a tenner that will make sure you get both style and quality with your next pair of designer eyewear.

Our top picks from the $7 Collection

  1. SmartBuy Collection Bay Glasses $7

Looking for stylish, cheap prescription glasses to leave at the office? Bay is your answer! These super feminine cat-eye frame glasses come in a trendy havana print that’s ultra office-chic. With full-rimmed frames, 1.5 lenses included and 2-year warranty, the SmartBuy Collection Bay glasses could be the best choice for your spare pair at work.

2.  SmartBuy Collection Laurie Glasses $7

Want something a little more unique? The unisex Laurie glasses come in transparent shades of blue, yellow and green making you stand out already for the unique colour palette. With pilot shaped, full-rimmed frames these cheap prescription glasses look great on both men and women. You can visit here for further details.

3.  SmartBuy Collection Jody Glasses $7

What you see is what you get with Jody. These classic-shaped square prescription glasses are professional and sensible cheap reading glasses. Available in a transparent grey shade, they come with 1.5 lenses all for the ultra-affordable price of just £9.

4.  SmartBuy Collection Denny Glasses $7

Did you know you could get high quality metal frames for such a low price? These prescription glasses are made with high quality materials that you can rely on. The gold colour gives them their elegant touch while their wide lenses have a quirky retro feel.

5.  SmartBuy Collection Change Glasses $7

Tortoise pattern glasses are always trending. These cheap prescription glasses have a classic rectangle shape that is great for all occasions. The havana pink colour is fun yet sophisticated so you can rock this look for work or for a night out with friends. With these fun glasses you don’t have to sacrifice quality vision or style!

To make this cycle somewhat less confounding, we’ve assembled a rundown that depicts the unique and various highlights of solution focal points and to see whether you need each component or no:

6.  SmartBuy collections Alpha

First produced for aviation applications during the 1970s (utilized for space explorer visors and space transport windshields), this specific sort of focal point is incredibly lightweight and intended to withstand sway. It likewise impedes 100% of the sun’s UV beams, wiping out the requirement for exceptional UV coatings.

Since polycarbonate focal points are impervious to scratches and dispersing, they are the most ideal decision for focal points for individuals who take an interest in sports and physical exercises, and for youngsters who wear glasses.

7.  SmartBuy collections Taegan

Captivated focal points are ideal for any outside movement, for example, fishing, biking, running, sailing, and so forth. They lessen glare just as furnish high clash see with 100% UV insurance. They are additionally exceptionally accommodating when driving during the day, as they can lessen the measure of daylight that mirrors the outside of the street.

8.  SmartBuy collections Change

This optical covering can be applied to the rear of most solution glasses to forestall interruptions and glare of the focal point when the sun is behind you. It likewise permits all the more light to go through the perspective, interestingly and upgrades the visual impression. Numerous individuals who pick this covering find that due to the decreased glare, their eyes are less worried for the duration of the day.

Hostile to intelligent covering is valuable for nearly any individual who wears a solution focal point. Exploration has demonstrated that wearing an enemy of intelligent focal points can improve your vision while driving around evening time, dealing with a PC and perusing throughout the day.

9.  SmartBuy collections Kensington

Most excellent enemy of intelligent coatings incorporate a hydrophobic surface covering that helps keep focal points spotless and clean in wet or messy conditions. Notwithstanding, it is likewise conceivable to add this element to customary solution focal points. The hydrophobic covering works by holding with the glass to make a hindrance that shields it from residue, water and soil. It additionally makes a water repellent surface over the glass that forestalls water, salt splash and some other undesirable fluids. This optical covering is an ideal expansion to any individual who winds up in messy circumstances or routinely takes an interest in exercises, for example, drifting, outdoors or climbing.

10.  SmartBuy collections Poppy:

Photochromic focal points, ordinarily alluded to by their makers as progress focal points after change advances, are extraordinary for individuals with remedy focal points who are presented to sunglasses and sunglasses while going outside. Need to switch between These focal points naturally go dark to react to outside UV light. They additionally shield your eyes from the sun’s unsafe beams. Photochromic focal points are helpful for grown-ups and kids who invest a ton of energy outside. It’s likewise an incredible choice for individuals who may have mellow sensitivities and don’t have any desire to go to and fro between two sorts of edges.

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