Perfect evening dresses for your body


When you look for perfect evening dresses, it’s not just about choosing a good dress style; it’s about finding a balance between the dress, your style, and the shape of your body. If you look for a dress in a boutique of dresses, there are an infinity of designs, and it depends on you which one you choose. From a very sober suit to a very eccentric dress, we can buy the one that we like the most. To all that, we add that there are plenty of perfect elements to accompany your look. Beautiful high heels, a pair of earrings, a handbag or a necklace. There are many elements with which we can combine our dress. The task is to know how to choose the perfect one for you.

The dress we choose has to help you look and feel good. It is true that there is an infinity of dresses, but your task is to find the right one for your body. Evening dresses is an exclusive Jovani’s collection, who tells us that it is essential to have the following points in mind when choosing a dress.


This stage is one of the most important since it allows you to determine the balance between your body type and type of dress. There are five body types: round body, rectangle body, triangle body, inverted triangle body and hourglass-shaped body. Depending on the kind of body, we can choose the correct dress.

Round body: this type of body has a vast abdomen area, round shoulders, a thick back, a very undefined waist, and turned legs.

Rectangle body: this type of body has a small chest, the size of the shoulders is the same as that of the hips. The hips do not present any curve.

Body of triangle: The main characteristic of a triangular body is that the width of the shoulders is small compared to the width of the hips.

Inverted triangle body: Unlike the triangular body, the inverted triangle body is characterized by having the width of the shoulders higher than the hips.

Body shaped hourglass: this type of body is the perfect shape. The waist is skinny, and the width of the hips is equal to that of the shoulders.


Many times we think that just by choosing the model of the dress, for example, if it is long or short, the task is finished. However, we must pay attention to an essential part of the dress: the neckline. The relevance of the neckline in the dress is high since it can entirely modify the appearance that you of the dress, in addition to helping you to see more attractive and perfect.


To choose the perfect neckline, you must take into account factors such as the size and shape of your chest, the length of your neck, the length of your neckline and, above all, if you feel comfortable using it. Start by reviewing those characteristics and your body and choose the one that best suits you. There are many types of cleavage, among which, the best known are:

Asymmetric neckline: its particularity is to have one side in asymmetry with the other. The most common is one sleeve. This type of neckline is recommended for those who have an hourglass body since this neckline allows to attract attention to the upper part. It is not advisable to use it if you have a wide back or small breasts.

Strapless: its particularity is a symmetrical cut. This type of cut is recommended for all body types, mainly for women who have a very pronounced bust.

French neckline: it is perfect for women with a thin and long neck. They also have a narrow back and shoulders.

V-neck: this type of neckline favors all body types. For example, it increases your chest volume if you have little. Also, if you have a generous bust, it helps to hide it. If you’re wide-backed, this is the perfect neck.

Boat neckline: this type of cut helps to see the back wider. It is ideal for girls with a triangle body.

Halter: is the type of neckline that is held in the neck, which makes it one of the most sensual necklines. It is perfect for women who are tall and have large back width.

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