What is Dry Tattooing for Stretch Marks and How it Works 

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Dry tattoo or micro-needling is a comparatively new and unique way to improve your ugly-looking stretch marks, scars, deep lines, wrinkles, and burns. Specialists in this line have special training and certification of courses that make them eligible to practice their skills.

The idea of dry tattoo has been benefiting people to get rid of their scars successfully for the last thirty years. It has also been used by breast and dermatological cancer professionals to improve scars. But it is still not very commonly heard by those individuals who look to clinics and beauty salons to get treatment for scars and stretch marks.

The Most Powerful and Precise Needling

The main reason why micro-needling or dry tattooing for stretch marks has been quite unheard is the unavailability of the right machine. While the digital tattoo machine is already invented and used, dry tattooing seems to be an advanced training course. It is the most powerful and specific form of skin micro-needling that removes ugly stretch marks and scars.

The Best Part of the Treatment

Treatment times for dry tattooing for stretch marks are surprisingly quick. The tattoo specialist will use numbing creams on your skin before and during the procedure so you do not feel any sort of discomfort or pain. The best part of dry tattooing is that it can be used to cater to most of the body and without causing any significant pain. Keloid scars, however, cannot be improved or fade away with this treatment.

Why Dry Tattooing is Effective?

Dry tattoo works only on particular areas of the affected skin, such as each stretch mark or wrinkle or scar. Specialists use a pen-like digital tattoo machine to cause blood to go into the targeted skin area without the need of removing the top layers of the skin. This eventually revitalizes damaged skin and improves its appearance.

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