Best Ways to Prevent Skin Irritation After Shaving

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For a lot of men, shaving is a part of their daily routine. While many have already mastered the art of doing so, there are still many who constantly complain of suffering from skin irritation after shaving. It can be annoying and uncomfortable. With that, to prevent skin irritation, keep in mind the things that will be discussed in the rest of this post.

Use After-shave Products

When you are done shaving, it will be a good idea to use products like gel, cream, orlotion for razor bumps. They are formulated using special ingredients that can soothe and moisturize the skin. As much as possible, choose those that do not contain alcohol or harsh chemicals as they can irritate the skin. Look at the label and research about the ingredients that are used. Applying after-shave products will let the pores close and will prevent it from being irritated.

Clueless on where to purchase these products? There are many options that are worth taking into account, but one that you might want to consider is

Shave at the Right Time

If you want to prevent skin irritation, I suggest that you shave at the right time, which is after having a warm bath or shower. This is because warm water provides hydration to the skin, which also prepares it for shaving. It makes the hair on the surface of the skin softer, allowing the blades to glide smoothly. This will also make the hair raised on the top of the skin for a gentler shaving experience.

Use a Shaving Brush

Invest in shaving accessories that will make your life easier, and more importantly, prevent skin irritation. Among others, one of the best to have is a shaving brush, which looks like a bigger counterpart of the brushes girls use for applying makeup.A shaving brush will prepare your facial hair before you shave. It will provide the stimulation that is needed so that it will be smoother. It also lifts it away from the face so that it can be easily removed, lessening the likelihood of suffering from irritation.

Choose the Right Razor

Using the wrong razor is one of the most common causes of irritation after shaving.According to GQ, you need to use a clean razor with fewer blades. A single-blade razor can be more than enough since it means that there will be no multiple blades that will be passing through the skin. Otherwise, it’s more likely that you will suffer from irritation. The key here is to prepare your skin and facial hair so that the razor can do an excellent job even if there are no multiple blades. Most importantly, see to it that you change your razor after five to seven shaves.

Keep in mind the things that have been mentioned above and you will no longer have to complain of irritation after shaving. As noted, the key here is to prep your skin beforehand, making sure that the pores will open up and the hair will be lifted.

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