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Some Great Ways to Sport Short Hairstyles


While long hair is traditionally seen as quite feminine, the traditional beliefs are increasingly being challenged, and many people are also appreciating the appeal of short hair. Many short haircuts are also seen as a way to break free of convention and spice things up. Besides, as we all know, short hair is also quite easier to maintain and wash compared to waist length hair. So, let us take a look at some cool and trendy short hairstyles and some great ways of sporting them.

Bob cut

Bob cut

This is one of the staples among short hairstyles, and there are many different ways of pulling this one off in a great way. This works well for both curly and straight hair. One great option for those with curly hair would be a graduated bob cut with shorter hair at the back, and longer at the front. Loose waving due to natural curly texture gives a relaxed look, and some blonde colour at the tips can add some interesting features. Another way is to get an ombre look, combining dark and brown coloured hair in layers. This is also a layered cut, with a bit shorter hair at the back, but the difference in the front and middle is not as pronounced. Another way to have a bob cut for thick and straight hair is to have a skewed graduated haircut. This has longer hair on one side, and longer ones at the back, which creates an interesting and fuller looking hair. You could spice things up with some layered highlights, for example, in case of dark hair, some brown highlights in the middle and some blond highlights on the topmost layer of the hair. A simple yet effective way is to just have a loose and simple bob cut with interesting colouring. You can try a three-toned layered colour, which can look great, especially with a loose bob cut, which will show off all the layers. Or you could also go with a thick and choppy straight cut with a single toned colour. Some interesting colour like copper would add the required flare to the hairstyle. Also, the stacked bob cut with simple outermost highlights also work great. The layered highlighting option also gives you the choice to try out highly unconventional colours like green or blue.

Pixie cut

Pixie cut

This is a very short hairstyle and can be carried in a lot of interesting ways. One way is to cut the hair very short and then brush them forward, in order to have the smart and trendy appeal of many male haircuts. You can add some interesting texture by the styling of your choice by using some hair products. You can also have some curly texture with tapered sides, which looks great especially with dark black hair. An asymmetrical pixie can be a middle ground between a pixie and a bob cut. This way you can have the freedom to style hair that is a bit longer, while still sporting a pixie cut.

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