4 Important things to consider when choosing your glasses?

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Choosing your glasses often is a fun adventure and a thrill to enjoy. Sometimes it also leads us into confusion between the wide variety and options in the market. How do you know which glasses are right for you until of course, someone compliments you or you feel good about wearing them. There are five crucial things to consider while choosing a pair of glasses for you either it’s prescribed glasses or non-prescribed, these tips work best on both. Once you keep them in mind and buy according to these guidelines, be ready to be showered with compliments on your fashion choices and looks.

Here are the top four things to consider when choosing your glasses.

  1. Face Shape – Frame that does Justice to your facial features

What is your face shape? It’s an important question you should ask before settling on any frame design. After all, your glasses are going to be up there. Just like your body shape compliment your outfit, likewise, the frames compliment your frames. Just go and look in the mirror and figure out which form is your face. Once you get that figured out – find your match according to it. Here is a short guide to ideal frame shape that goes smooth with any frame design. Remember to keep in mind that you always find a frame that’s contrast to your face shape. Contrasting frames soften your features and bring our other beautiful highlighting parts about your face. Learn here for more understanding of the glasses type that matches your face shape.

  • Round Face Shape – Suitable with Square, Rectangle or Medium-sized Cat-Eye Frame
  • Square Face Shape – Suitable with Round, Rectangular or Aviator Frame
  • Oval Face Shape -Oval face is excellent for any frame design hence all are equally recommended
  • Triangle Face Shape- Suitable with Aviators, Round, Oval or Clubmaster
  • Diamond Face Shape – Suitable for Oversized Frame either Round, Cat-eye or Clubmaster
  • Rectangular Face Shape- Suitable for Round, Oval or Cat-eye frame
  1. Your Skin Complexion – Choose your glasses colour in contrast

We all have different colour complexions, and there’s always a colour that doesn’t suit us. However, some colours look too good on us that they ultimately take the full credit of attracting attention towards them. Colour of the frames should also be selected by the guidelines of contrast between the skin and frames color. Opposite colour of frames to your complexion draw attention to your face, give edge and angularity to your eyes.

Here’s a guide to contrast for your skin tones:

  • -Light Solid Colours – Dark Complexion
  • -Dark Solid Colours – Light Complexion
  • -Light Tortoise Shell – Dark Complexion
  • -Dark Tortoise Shell – Light Complexion
  1. Lifestyle Mode – Sporty or Reader type

Your lifestyle also plays a significant role in determining the material and frame design for your glasses. In case you have an active lifestyle where you play sports then getting anti-UV, and anti-glare coating on the lenses is essential to safeguard your eyes.

Lightweight design glasses are also good wearing while playing or doing outdoor activities. TR90 material frames are exceedingly durable, flexible, and lightweight in design that can bend and provide comfort. If you are allergic to plastic, then you can opt for quality made acetate frames or metal frames for sleek and artistic design.

  1. Individual Style – Frames that reflect your style

If you are going for a business person or serious look, you can find rimless glasses or rectangular frame glasses to look more serious and sincere. You can also bring out your funkiness by selecting a mix of colours frames and oversized design. Choose your frames according to your style statement and personality – like Silver, gunmetal, golden tones, brown and black are great colours for a formal look. Metal frames in different geometric shapes are here to reflect your creativity and fashion-savvy side. Depending on your personal style, you could choose any design that speaks your form such as minimalist, subtlety, boldness or creative.

Where to get the best glasses online?

Specscart provides the best glasses in prescription and nonprescription with a free protective coating of anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and impact resistance. Specscart offers a wide variety of frames design that are in exotic colour, unconventionally designed that stands out and speaks your style. You can also order free glasses online try on where you can try your top four frames for an entire week and decide to settle on an ideal design. If still not satisfied, you can still order four pair again and try them until you find your favourite.

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